Our goal is simple

Help businesses and non-profits harness the power of digital media and video to make lasting ripples online. Whether you are selling a product, running a crowdfunding campaign or re-envisioning you company’s communications, Ripples Edge Media is here to guide you.


As a small, passionate team, we work cooperatively to execute video and content strategies utilizing the most appropriate, creative, tangible tactics to elevate your operations and ensure the future sustainability of efforts.

We’ll help you navigate the ever-evolving digital communications ecosystem to address old issues with new techniques for increased results.

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Video Production Packages




Storyboard & script
development (1 pitch)

Half-day production

Video editing (1 revision)

Minimal to no actors or location rentals

No graphics



Storyboard & script
development (2-3 pitches)

Full-day production

Video editing (2 revisions)

A few actors and approx. 1
location rental

2D motion graphic overlays
(10-15 seconds)



Storyboard & script
development (3-5 pitches)

2+ day production

Video editing (3-5 revisions)

Multiple actors and
location rentals

VFX, compositing, 3D graphics

Extensive motion graphics
(overlay or full-screen)

High quality video content is becoming increasingly important in any marketing or communications strategy. A video can instantly improve your brand, clarify your services, increase click-throughs and drive new supporters to your endeavors.

Whether you need a promotional clip or a video for a crowdfunding campaign, Ripples Edge Media has the equipment and expertise to deliver a unique and effective video tailored to your brand’s specific needs.

Interested in discussing how we can help you
make lasting ripples online with a video?

CONTACT our Creative Director, Christine Beggs,
at C.Beggs@RipplesEdgeMedia.com.