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Ripples Edge Media is a San Francisco video production company on a mission to ensure social entrepreneurs and startups effectively harness the power of video storytelling & crowdfunding to maximize their impacts online.
We work with videographers in every city in the U.S., which means we can produce compelling narratives no matter where you are located.


Employee of our video production company in San Francisco

Christine Beggs

Creative Director, Founder

With a Master’s in Marine Affairs and Policy from the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS), Christine is the Creative Director and Founder of Ripples Edge Media.

With her Bachelor’s degree in Biology, advanced open-water scuba certification, experience running an ecommerce business and more than 15 years as a dancer, she’ll be the first to admit that her skillsets and work history are an eclectic mix. It is precisely this diverse background, however, that has perfectly equipped her to revolutionize the way we connect and empower for social change through cutting-edge media techniques.

Christine pirouetted from science to film, recognizing the medium’s inherent power to tell stories and ignite change. “What you love should form the foundation for your life’s work and that’s why I do what I do,” says Christine.

David van Allen

Visualization Ninja

Hailing from the far reaches of the frozen tundra in the great Northeast comes the force that is David Van Allen. Dave has traversed vast distances fraught with great perils to bring to you his special brand of creativity. Not only can he hop on one foot and sing the entire beginning song to his favorite film, The Neverending Story, he also has earned two art degrees in his trade and many awards and accolades.

His multi-disciplined skill set and approach brings a unique and unforgettable tone to this work. Quite simply, David is one of the most experienced and talented motion graphics artists in the business.

Mikka Pineda

Motion graphics, Videographer

A former economist, Mikka brings a perspective to visual storytelling that no art school graduate ever could. Ivy League-grade quantitative and analytical skills enable her to see the stories in data, then bring those stories to life through dazzling videos and motion graphics.

When she’s not flipping upside down and competing as an American Ninja Warrior, you can find Mikka weaving visual narratives. Additionally, Mikka is certified as a Video Producer and Advanced Motion Graphics designer by the Bay Area Video Coalition. More of her work appears on her Vimeo channel.

Justin Bench


Originally from Prunedale, California, Justin began producing and editing videos back in 1996 with VHS Camcorders and VCR to VCR editing “technology.” Since then, he has become obsessed with cinematography and storytelling. He specializes in producing promotional reels, highlight reels, online instructional courses & training materials for businesses and entrepreneurs

After obtaining a Master of Arts in Public Administration in 2007 from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, his career has centered around best practices for information sharing, knowledge management and communications between practitioners and nonprofits. More of his work appears on his personal website.

We’re a small team with big ideas


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Founded by Creative Director, Christine Beggs, in 2013, Ripples Edge Media is, at its core, a tribe of passionate visual storytellers.

We’re a creative bunch driven with a proven track record and rave reviews.

While our specialties range from crowdfunding films and startup videos to branded content campaigns and commercials, the connecting threads throughout our body of work are emotionally-evocative stories and character-driven narratives.


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Having raised over $500,000 to date for startup and social impact clients through our crowdfunding videos, we are deeply dedicated to and impassioned by ethically-motivated clients. We care just as much about your mission or product as you do and we have the team and experience to craft a stunning video in 4k footage with one-of-a-kind motion graphics.

In two short years, our company has grown to support Indiegogo and Kickstarter video clients locally in San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as around the world, with a specific focus in socially-conscious projects.

What people are saying about us

We’ve been ranked by an external website, 10 Best Production, as the second best kickstarter video production company in the United States. And our clients agree, we’re compassionate, dedicated video experts driven to create.

Professional crowdfunding for social impact. Ripples Edge Media is a great company. Christine is a talented director / producer and she sources fantastic collaborative talent. She’s very easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Specialized in crowdfunding and promotional videos for non-profits and social impact. I’ve seen her manage difficult clients and keep the energy positive and professional. Detail oriented and has a great eye for communication with clear, simple messages that shine. I highly recommend! Justin Ancheta, Musician

Ripples Edge went beyond our level of expectation for a short video the save the Alhambra Hills, land once owned by John Muir. The team responded on short notice and was professional in preparation and delivery, and continues to follow-up with ideas to keep our momentum building. Best of all – their efforts where entirely philanthropic from a desire to make the world a better place to live, nearby nature, and the spirit of John Muir is alive with Ripples Edge. – Jamie Fox, Google

Aaaaaand our amazing clients

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