Musicians Sing on a Hill to Save John Muir’s Land

“The hills are alive with the sound of music. With songs they have sung for a thousand years.” – Oscar Hammerstein

Golden grass as far as the eye can see and hills that beg to ring with the sound of music; that’s what you’ll find in the Alhambra Hills of Martinez, CA. Over a period of a few months and multiple trips to the open expanse of hills and trees that comprises the Alhambra Hills, we fell in love with beauty and inescapable peace of this land. A place where your mind instantly quiets and returns to the gentle lull of being one with your surroundings.

This beautiful land, from the ridgeline down to the creek, was once owned by the renowned conservationist John Muir. Also the founding father of the Sierra Club, Muir’s activism helped to preserve the Yosemite Valley and Sequoia National Park and his legacy of environmental preservation lives on to this day.

However, the land once part of Muir’s famous 2,600 acre ranch is threatened by development and needs your help. Socially-conscious Bay area musicians, Justin Ancheta and Maren Metke, partnered with our Creative Director, Christine Beggs, who produced and danced in a music dance video to raise awareness  about the Alhambra Hills Open Space Committee’s petition to protect this beautiful open space.

With musicians singing and running up and down these hills in Martinez, we couldn’t help but feel as if we were creating a spinoff of a famous scene from the classic movie The Sound of Music. The song featured in the film, “Boon Carri E,” was produced by Justin Ancheta of Soul Graffiti Productions, featuring Maren Metke on vocals, Manose on Flute, Jason Mcguire on Flamenco Guitar, Josh Mellinger on Tabla, Jared May on Bass and Cello Joe on Cello.

Please sign the petition and ask the City of Martinez to protect this natural area for all future generations.

Also, this film marks the kickoff of Ripples Edge’s video series around this concept of paring emotionally-evocative arts on film to benefit good causes.

After all, the key to good causes is great entertainment.

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Let’s all do what we can, with what we have, where we are; changing the world one ripple at a time.


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