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Founded by Creative Director, Christine Beggs, in 2013, Ripples Edge Media is, at its core, a tribe of passionate visual storytellers. In two short years, our company has grown to support Indiegogo and Kickstarter startup video clients locally in San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as around the world, in raising over $2,000,000, with a specific focus in socially-conscious projects.

Whether you’re a creative or entrepreneur, a large non-profit or small startup, Ripples Edge Media is a compassionate and value-oriented production house on a mission to ensure video is maximized for social good.

Every company has a compelling & unique story to tell. Let us help you find it!



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Quite simply, we live to catapult messages forward. Hire us, and we won’t rest until your video story is the strongest, most authentic version it can be.

Employee of our video production company in San Francisco

Christine Beggs

Creative Director, Founder

David van Allen

Visualization Ninja

Mikka Pineda

Motion graphics, Videographer

Justin Bench



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